About Us

Our History

Since 1960 Taahir Halaal Foods have witnessed significant growth in product range as a result of our commitment to quality at all levels of the, company, from the time order is placed to the final delivery of the product to the end consumer. In all instances, Taahir Halaal Foods’ strong emphasis on its customers has led to many customers viewing themselves as bemg value added partners. Their perceptions are supported by Taahirs’ excellence- service and innovative products offering which are priced competitively to meet changing market needs. The latter combination has led to many whirlwind situations as customers have witnessed improvements to their bottom-line results due to total cost savings with us. This balance has been achieved through Taahir Halaal Foods significant investment into the processing, manufacturing and delivery logistics wherein best practices have been embraced to make Taahir Halaal Foods a world class company. With these competencies, Taahir Halaal Foods have begun expanding its capabilities into international markets, as well as, to different sectors of the local market. Our infrastructural*growth to incorporate a deboning plant, a state-of-the-art processing plant and a butchery serving the public has given us the opportunity of being a complete solution for our customers’ requirements.

Beyond this, we welcome you to our family and trust that we can develop a lifelong relationship.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Taahir Halaal Foods is to provide products of aspiring quality and delivery standards that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the market leader in the manufacture of value-added meat and poultry products

Our Commitment

  • Ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers, customers, and industry role players.To manufacture products of consistent quality that conform to our customer needs.

    Provide the best market support with the views of contributing positively to our customer’s bottom line.

    Ensuring the best techniques for food handling and processing through regular self-managed evaluation.

    Adding a new dimension to quality ensuring a clean and food safe facility.

    Ensuring a team-based environment, where initiative and creativity are encouraged, and individuals are recognised and valued.

    To operate with the highest ethical standards.